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Condition Rating

In my shop, I stick to the very popular, North American rating system. The models and boxes are rated on a scale of C5-C10, where C10 is an absolutely perfect, brand-new condition. Models with scores below C5 I do not offer.

Review examples of Volkswagen 1200 Sedan (Regular Wheels)::




C10 like NEW / MINT

C9 minimum paint defects VNMINT

C8 minor paint defects / MINT

C7 excelent condition

C6 light played condition

C5 played condition


My rating system refers to the main features of the models. Paint, decals, windows and accessories.
All Errors, that have arisen in the production or other damage, I´ll declare seperately.  

The models on which I have found repairs or replicas ( driver, tracks, decals ) are described clearly and with red comments by me.
Of course, I'll be very happy to answer all your questions.